Scuba Diving

Plan- ₹2,000.00

Scuba diving on the grand island is a sport popular in Goa because of the blue and clean waters. Safar travel express does dive with proper gear that allows the diver to breathe beneath the surface of the water quickly. Divers are equipped with oxygen masks and eye protection to help enjoy the deepwater experience.

Scuba Diving: Some popular dive spots on Grand Island

Suzy: This is a sunken British 135-metal vessel that sank somewhere around the 1930s. The ship now lays peacefully on pink sands. To this day, you can find parts of cargo around the dive spot. The ship is a living ground of sea corals and homed by some very rare fishes that you can see while scuba diving on Goa Baga beach.

Davy Jones Locker- A ship given the name of the devil that owns the soul of drowned sailors. Funny and scary if you think about it when exploring this sunken beauty.

Umma Gumma Reef– this spot is known for its population of turtles and rare species of fish. You can also see many sharks, lobsters and sea cucumbers. You cannot leave Goa without visiting here.

We ensure your safety while driving as we provide all the required gear for you. We combine all our prices in a single grand island goa scuba diving cost package. Our divers try to make the experience as entertaining as possible to help you make some fond memories. We also have photography gear to help you capture the best experience in the highest quality. Your pictures will be ready while you have your after-dive lunch in peace at our hotel that has the best seafood.

What’s Included?